Spanking: Latigos shovels and fuses, the art of whipping

When someone says "slavery," the image of fzotes is often one of the first evoked. For when your hand isn't enough, or you need to rest, there are several different implements that you can use to discipline your submissive when it's miserable, each offers a different feel and intensity, and you'll find a variety of whips and paddles here. Be sure to agree on a safe word during the game of pain, such as whipping. The traffic light system is good, so red means stopping. Tip: Don't concentrate all your spanking efforts on your buttocks, vary where your bumps land: the inside of your thighs, the back of your legs, breasts and vagina (go more gently here), and this will keep your spanking on your toes, but it also helps prevent serious injury by allowing areas to recover before the next blow!

The wider, flatter paddle head means you can cover more area with each stroke, but it's also easier to make sure you reach the desired target, meaning they're great for the first time. Mix the sensaciones with our double-sided paddles: use leather for harder bumps and softer suede in the most delicate areas. To really make your mark, why not try our printed palettes that leave nice patterns or words on your lover's body?

Whips offer a smoother whipping sensation as the force of the blow is distributed over a larger number of tails, as opposed to a concentrated surface as is the case with reeds. Tip: When using a flogger, gain momentum by spinning on your wrist and aim at your partner's areas with just the ends of the tails for a lighter, more continuous whip, then gradually accumulate, allowing more flogger skin contact to enter. Practicing your aim on a cushion before your hand is a good place to start and develop a rhythm.



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