Castity cages for hombre and women, in steel, silicone and leather

Chastity belts and cages are the perfect accompaniment in the bondage game. Many think of chastity belts as something a woman uses to 'keep it pure' or something, but men can use them too. Male chastity devices usually take the form of metal, leather or plastic tubes in which the hombre inserts your penis; make it virtually impossible for a hombre to achieve an erection without considerable discomfort and also prevent masturbation. Female chastity belts work similarly, providing only enough space to urinate. By blocking male and female chastity devices, the user will not be able to remove them. Some chastity devices also allow removable spikes to be inserted at different points along the tube, making it incredibly painful if a hombre begins to experience any hint of arousal or may have integral wands for the penis to get the most control. If you need to control, then there is nothing better than using a chastity device.



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