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Seeing someone with a necklace immediately gives you the impression that they tenga a BDSM lifestyle. It can even mean that they are sumissive in a D/s relationship. But the neck tag can be confusing. There are so many different types for different situations: consideration, sub-training, posture, play, daily use, pet, protection, property, ceremony and eternity, just to name a few. What about other BDSM discrete jewelry and necklaces? Let me help you end the bullying and make your choice of necklace a little easier.

At BDSM, a necklace is a symbol of being submissive or owning. However, there are no strict rules in this. A lot of people in the KINK use them just for fun, even if they're not in a relationship. But when a Dominant commits to a submissive, he will prove it by putting it on a necklace. This is usually done in a collar placement ceremony.

When you think of BDSM, you usually think about these types of necklaces. They are resistant, are usually made of some kind of leather product and can be blocked. They will also have a D/O ring ring for the Tamer to grip or place a strap as well. The purpose of these necklaces is to train the submissive and put him in the right mindset for a scene. Before a game session, my Dominant will make me kneel and put it around my neck. Other times, if I'm being spoiled or disobedient, it makes it tighter for me to remember my place as submissive.

If you don't feel comfortable wearing a play necklace outside the house, but still want to prove that you're in a D/s relationship, then a discreet and submissive "day necklace" is perfect. This is a short or tight type of necklace, usually with an O-ring as well. It's not so obvious to those who are vanilla, but you may get some curious or complicit looks. I wear this type of necklace every day, and if I ever forget and leave the house without it, my Dominant will punish me. I'm very proud when I wear my necklace and it gives my life great meaning.



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