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Why do we all like gags and bites? They are small and portable, and have a psychologically significant meaning. We use gags and gags for practical reasons such as shutting someone up (drowning out unwanted screams or preventing the passive from speaking), forced feeding, and sensory deprivation. These practical functions are often related to psychological effects. Gags and gags can help explore control's main BDSM problems, power and submission, providing symbology that links physical acts with the deeper elements of people's desires. The ability to speak, for example, gives you power, and if someone takes that away from you, the domain is reaffirmed and you run out of power. Similarly, you usually have the power to make a decision about what and when to eat, but if someone decides for you about that fundamental physical act, there is a comparable change of power. Insertion bites or jaws make a double declaration, not only by emphasizing the translation of power in the relationship, but also by breaking the boundaries of the body. Body holes have functions legitimized by social norms. By plugging a hole, it crosses the boundaries of society. In addition, this taboo is paradoxically enjoyed both by those below (the powerless, and even sometimes reluctant, perpetrating of transgression) and by those above (who attract those below the limit but do not transgress him or her). Hoods with attached insertion jaws are especially powerful: they block the senses (view, ear) and cross the boundary of the hole (mouth). A used gag and buttplug at the same time provide a double pleasure: intellectual, in the sense that there is a personally significant symbolism involved; and physical, in the primordial and sensual pleasure of erotic gratification. The jaws that are incorporated into the bells often make the bottom docile after a few minutes. The combination of sensory deprivation, speech loss, a certain amount of breathing control and the safe feeling of hood pressure make an ass sometimes feel meaningless submissive. The eyes also become ultra expressive. Ironically, a gag can sometimes evoke more noise from the bottom than it would without it. The gag loosens inhibitions and drowned moans, groans and screams can be unsettlingly loud. Any jaw that is inserted even slightly and is not absorbent will cause the bottom to drool if left inside long enough. The humiliation of the liability that drools over the face, neck and chest is the humiliation of those who have lost the control of a bodily function essential to the norms of even the most marginal societies. Forcing an ass to drool can be a very effective and erotically charged way to humiliate. Don't be fooled by the appearance of a simple gag: being gagged is a powerful and deeply symbolic physical act, and a top must be aware of both elements. For the physique, the upper part has to be very close to detect injuries and difficulty breathing or swallowing, as well as take the usual precautions with bodily fluids and bacteria. The symbolic must also be closely controlled. It can be too intense, for example, for an ass to be gagged and tied at the same time.



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